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The Monarch 6039 Pathfinder Ultra is a scanner gun used to receive parts, print labels, and perform physical inventory.

Wireless Configuration

There are two different wireless configurations for the 6039: CF1 and CF2. CF1 uses the original wireless design, while CF2 uses a later design that is more compliant with the FCC. You can determine the wireless configuration by looking at the exterior of the scanner.

In the CF1, the panel door below the keypad is flush with the scanner body and it uses a single screw with an Allen (hex) socket. In the CF2, the panel door sticks out from the scanner body and it uses two screws with Phillips (plus) sockets.
Scanner - 6039 - CF1.jpg Scanner - 6039 - CF2.jpg


Connection Screen

IPSVT - Connect Screen.png

Once the Monarch 6039 Scanner is turned on, you will be taken to the Connection Screen. The Connection Screen is composed of the display screen, three indicators, and the keyboard. The three indicators will tell you the status of the scanner. They include the battery indicator, the volume indicator, and the wireless indicator. You can make a connection to the server by touching the display screen. This will take you to the Main Menu. If you are unable to connect to the Main Menu, see the Monarch 6039 - Troubleshooting page.

Main Menu

IPSVT - Main Menu.png

The ScanIt Parts scanner Main Menu allows you to navigate to the various sections on the scanner. These sections include:

If you need to modify the scanner settings, click on the More button and see the Settings section.


IPSVT - Scanner Menu.png

To modify the scanner settings, click on the More button on the main screen and you'll be taken to the Scanner Menu. There are two buttons in the Scanner Menu, Scanner Settings and Maintenance.

Scanner Settings

IPSVT - Scanner Settings.png

Scanner Settings allows you to do the following:


IPSVT - Maintenance Login.png

The Maintenance Menu is password protected to prevent unintentional changes to the gun. The menu allows you to:


The following configurations must be set for a scanner gun to work:

User Settings


Sometimes during configuration you will need to reboot the 6039 scanner. To reboot the 6039, do the following:

  • Hold down the On/Off button for 10 seconds without letting up until the screen turns off.
  • Release the On/Off button.
  • The screen will turn on again and the 6039 will reboot.
  • Wait for the scanner to load IPS VT.
  • A dialog that reads Please Wait... Configuring Devices will be displayed.
  • After it disappears, wait for the wireless indicator to turn blue.
  • You may now use the scanner again.

Driver Installation

If you need to connect the 6039 to your computer for Physical Inventory or support, you will first need to install the Pathfinder USB Driver.